Our Motto

To empower people with adequate knowledge about the addictive poisons alcohol & tobacco – so that they can make an informed choice, as well as help others to do so.


Salient features of our blog:

  1. Presents facts proven in medical journals in an easily understandable language.
  2. Answers to popular misconceptions.
  3. Videos of talks & short films on this issue.
  4. Doctors sharing the consequences of these substances; which non-medicos are generally not aware of.
  5. Forum where people can share their real life experiences, for benefit of others.


Why we chose this issue:

When we read the lines, ‘Today there is irrefutable scientific evidence about the hazardous consequences of tobacco & alcohol; and yet there are no signs of their use decreasing in near future!’, we got very disturbed.

One important reason why things are not changing is that the facts proven in medical journals have not reached even the educated citizens in our country. Deaths due to cancer constitute only around 10% of the tobacco related deaths; and liver cirrhosis contributes to only 15% of the alcohol related deaths. But for most of us, our knowledge is restricted to these. Youngsters are being bombarded with misleading information using the most popular filmstars & cricketers. But very little genuine information is reaching them. Consequently there are a lot of misconceptions and a belief that they are safe, so far as used responsibly. This has resulted in an epidemic rise in the use of these addictive poisons, which threatens to destroy our young generation. Hence we chose to spread awareness on this issue.

Till date, we have made more than 200 presentations on this issue; reaching out to more than 10,000 people. The overwhelming response we get from youngsters makes us convinced about the urgent need, usefulness & acceptability of our work. This prompted us to come up with this website.

Please share this dream of an addiction free, healthy, happy and powerful society.

Jai Hind !!