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Dear friends,
As per the Global Burden of Disease study, 2019, alcohol use is the most common risk factor and tobacco is the 4th most common risk factor for disability in the young population of 15-49 years. Also, tobacco is the most common risk factor for premature deaths amongst men, accounting for 21% deaths, while alcohol is the 8th most common risk factor for premature deaths in men!
Inspite of causing so much harm, social acceptability and use of alcohol continues to increase in our society. Once it gets firmly established in our lifestyle, then it will be difficult to reverse the cultural trend. It’s a critical time for all of us to act.

You can contribute to this campaign by:

  • Sharing the campaign audios and videos widely on your social network.

  • Taking a stand: We all have the power to influence what is regarded as cool in our friend circle - drinking alcohol or not drinking it. If you think drinking alcohol is not a smart thing to do, please do share your views with your friends and discuss with them better ways you all can enjoy together.

  • Donate: We plan to have a full time counsellor to help families who call us for guidance on how to quit alcohol or tobacco. We also wish to increase our staff members who can go to schools & colleges and empower our next generation to make an informed choice. Kindly consider donating to enable us to work more for this cause.​​


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After donating, kindly provide your basic information by filling up this google form, for documentation and issuing a receipt.

  • Commit to quit today: If you are trapped in this addiction, don’t worry. Help is available.

  • Sharing your perspective: Youth come across industry-sponsored TV commercials, short films, billboards, etc. multiple times a day, getting messages that drinking alcohol brings happiness and success. While the suffering people have to undergo after getting trapped in alcohol addiction, happens outside their field of vision. To give youngsters a true picture of what to expect, we request you to share the experiences you have had regarding alcohol. We welcome sharing from people who had got trapped in its addiction, from their family members, from doctors, or from any concerned citizen who has witnessed closely its debilitating consequences. Please send in a short video or a written message on We will publicize it on this website and through our social media channels.

  • Connect us with teachers/ principals: If you are associated with an academic institution you can just play some of these short audio stories/ videos during the class/ assembly time and encourage students to check out our website for more content. Can also share with them 1 video/audio story/meme each week through whatsapp groups for 4-8 months. (35 resources are there in the campaign). Such a sustained campaign will change the direction of peer pressure in your school and make it uncool to drink, without putting in much of an effort. We would love to give a presentation in your school as well.

  • Volunteer: If you would like to get trained in giving such presentations, or would like to help us in designing of our posters/ppts, or would like to volunteer in any other way, please send us an email on:

For receiving all the campaign audio stories and videos on your WhatsApp, just send a message on 8149363854 with your name. If you prefer to receive them on telegram, you can click on the link through your smartphone.
Collectively we can build an addiction-free, healthy, healthy, and powerful society.

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