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Dear friends, if you have decided to quit alcohol, you have already won half of the battle. There is a lot of help available to break free from this addiction. You can try any of the following:

1) A psychiatrist or a psychologist

They will listen to you, understand your problems and help you make a quit plan. If you are dealing with some stress, they will help you in overcoming that as well. A psychiatrist can also give you medicines that will decrease your withdrawal symptoms. Especially if you get a severe withdrawal from stopping alcohol it is advisable to take support of medicines for few days while quitting.

If you go to a psychiatry department of a medical college near you treatment will be free or at a very low cost.

2) Alcoholic Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a free self-help group where people support each other to stay away from alcohol. People who have quit it for many years guide others to do so. Many people have been able to quit by attending their meetings regularly and their centers are there in almost all towns. Their meeting can be attended only by people addicted to alcohol or their family members. So no one else will come to know. Even if the person addicted to alcohol doesn’t want to come, other family members can attend the meeting for guidance and support.

You can find their center near you on their website Alcoholics Anonymous or by calling 8097055134.

3) Apps in your smartphone

The technology of an app has made it possible to provide high-quality support to anyone who wishes to quit, no matter where he is living. Apps give many advantages like you can access it anytime you get a craving, you get the support of others who are trying to quit on the app, you can track your progress, they keep sending messages to keep you motivated, etc.

Many apps support people to quit which you can download from Google Play Store. You can try it out and see which one suits you. You can also check out the ‘Try Dry’ App. It is the free app of the Dry January campaign that supports a person in taking up the challenge to go alcohol-free for 1 month at any time of the year.

4) Helplines

If you would like to speak to someone from your home itself, you can try taking support from a helpline. If you have severe dependence, we recommend seeking help in person from a mental health professional or a deaddiction center, rather than on a helpline.

Few helpline numbers are:

5) De-addiction Centers

As stated above you can go to the psychiatry department of any medical college for help with the withdrawal phase (detoxification). Many medical colleges like NIMHANS - Bangalore, National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (AIIMS) – Ghaziabad, etc. have longer deaddiction programs also.

Besides medical colleges, the following are some of the de-addiction centers which have a good reputation. There are many other good ones also. We are updating the list.

Click here for the list...

6) Contact

Feel free to call us on 8149363854 or to email us at if you have any questions or doubts.

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