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The website gives a good summary of alcohol-related harms and strategies recommended by WHO to reduce alcohol-related burdens. Links to important WHO publications are also there.

A more detailed list of all the resources of WHO on alcohol, including clarifications issued regarding the impact of drinking alcohol on COVID is available on this website.

It is an education campaign that aims at changing the drinking culture in Western Australia. Resource material for all their campaigns is available on their website along with useful articles on various alcohol-related harms and what can be done to respond at the individual and community level.

Dry January is a successful public health campaign in the UK that encourages people to try going alcohol-free for a month and experience for themselves the benefits. The website has resources that anyone wishing to undertake this experiment can make use of.

It gives scientific information about the dangers of underage drinking and talks about 4 simple strategies parents can follow to prevent their children from drinking.

SPYM is a national organization with a countrywide network, working in the area of community mobilization for addressing the problem of substance addiction, for the last 3 decades. They provide services to underprivileged sections of society free of cost and train other NGOs as well. Many useful resources can be found on their website including videos of activity-based life skills training in Hindi.

It would help you locate a center of Alcoholic Anonymous near you. People who are addicted to alcohol are helped to quit by others who have quit alcohol, free of cost. Their family members can also go there to seek support on how to cope with this problem.

Moved Internationa is a 170-year-old organization with international membership. They work in the space of community mobilization and advocacy to create safe & just societies that are free from alcohol and drug addiction. Their website has a wealth of information to understand this issue in detail and what can be done about it.

A very authentic source of useful information to understand better the various health consequences of alcohol use.

Resources for parents and caregivers to strike a conversation with children to prevent underage drinking.

Has articles and blogs that help one understand the ill effects of alcohol, what happens when one stops drinking and provides direction on how to quit alcohol use.

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